First Quarter 2021



Message from Alejandro Badia, M.D., F.A.C.S.




I am certain that many of us within the different sectors of DoralDOC (Doral Orthopedic Clinic) are relieved that 2020 came to an end. Whether in our personal, family or professional lives, we have all been faced with challenges, but we persevered and now face a hopeful 2021.


At Badia Hand to Shoulder, we realize our role within this unique orthopedic ecosystem, situated in a growing, business friendly city that is a new epicenter of Miami-Dade County, a region that will eventually benefit from the pandemic, given the infusion of Northeast talent and capital. We will be happy to serve these “transplants”, fellow New Yorkers in my case, as well as our increasingly key role in solving complex issues of the upper extremity in patients from this entire hemisphere, Europe and even Asia.


The one-stop shopping care that these patients receive is contingent upon many strong components, whether diagnostic imaging, surgical care at Surgery Center at Doral, and the vital rehabilitation that occurs across the hall at OrthoNOW Rehab.


Our innovative emergency walk-in center, OrthoNOW® allows many local patients direct access to ALL these vital components of musculoskeletal care.


Our challenge continues to be awareness, not the delivery of care, including our award winning OrthoNOW® app with its unique On My Way NOW™ feature or the new OrthoChat™ function which allows clinicians and staff to communicate and better facilitate this care. Help us overcome that challenge and let’s make it a year to remember in healthcare delivery.


For those who read my book, #HealthcareFromTheTrenches, the challenges and our innovations are highlighted, and I welcome your response and feedback.



Birthdays | Let's Celebrate Them!


January Birthdays


January 8 - Jackie Diaz (SCD)

January 8 - Jessica Navarro (ON)

January 14 - Andrea Rodriguez (BHS)



February Birthdays


February 16 - Angela Villada (Rehab)

February 20 - Maria Lagoa (BHS)




March Birthdays


March 9 - Ramona Davila (SCD)

March 10 - Leslie Barenfeld (SCD)

March 17 - Claudia Motta (SCD)

March 23 - Caitlin Sablotsky (ON)

March 24 - Amanda Pina (Rehab)

March 24 - Eric Rylander (ON)

March 26 - Kate Samuels (BHS)



Employment Anniversary Milestones



January anniversaries


Susan Iglesias - 6 yrs BHS (BHS)



February anniversaries


Alessandra Carlucci - 3 yrs (BHS)

Maria Lagoa - 3 yrs (BHS)

Jorge Garrote - 4 yrs (ON)



March anniversaries


Elvia Martinez - 12 yrs (BHS)

Alina Siboret - 2 yrs (ON)


Welcome to Our Family


Help us welcome our new employees with open arms:


Caitlin Sablotsky
OrthoNOW / BHS


Dario Peralta
Patient Satisfaction




Marissa Mayoliz
MA/X-ray Tech


Kevin Pérez



Patients Reviews / What Our Patients Say About Us

(En Español)



Codo de Golfista: Paciente de Perú – Tenex por el Dr. Alejandro Badia


Escucha el testimonio de este paciente de Perú quien sufrió una condición en uno de sus codos (codo de golfista).

Ver video.





Fractura del Húmero: Cirugía de Brazo en el Hospital Ambulatorio del Dr. Badia


Escucha el testimonio de este paciente español residente en México quien sufrió un accidente y fue al hospital Jackson, donde le recomendaron que vea al especialista de brazo Dr. Badia.
Ver video.


COVID-19 / Friendly Reminder


What BHS, ON, ON Rehab & SCD centers are doing to keep associate and patients safe during COVID-19:


  • Reconfigured waiting room for social distancing.

  • Everyone must wear a mask.

  • Patients are not allowed to enter the office wearing gloves.

  • Only 6 patients in waiting room at one time.

  • No guest or children in waiting room or exam rooms (unless child is the patient, parent / guardian will be allowed).

  • If waiting room is at capacity, any additional patients will be asked to wait in their car or outside until they are called to return.

  • Scheduling some non-urgent visit via telemedicine to minimize the potential spread of COVID 19 and maintain social distancing while we provide orthopedic care.


Also important to read:



News / Improvements / Novelties


What is new:

  • CTM - The central concept of use of CTM is simply that a “biologic issue requires a biologic solution”.


    They create viable ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM) structural tissue implants and injectable solutions to cover, supplement, or replace damaged or inadequate tissue at the surgical site or area of pain.  Left unchecked, inadequate or damaged tissue is prone to inflammation, pain, poor remodeling, and scar formation.


    CTM is now available, off the shelf, for similar indications as you would use PRP, the difference being that blood does not need to be drawn or spun, and the patient can be offered an immediate solution albeit at a higher price than simple PRP due to its concentration of growth factors, the placental source, and efficacy.

    For more information here’s a quick physician presentation and we’d be happy to speak live at your convenience.



  • Kate’s new baby – We are so happy for our new addition! Congratulations on the birth of Kate’s baby boy AJ.


  • Yanira’s new baby (ON) – Our PA on family medical leave, Yanira Serralta, stopped in so her new baby could give us a message. She says OrthoNOW® is number 1!


OrthoNOW News



OrthoNOW Immediate Care 3.0: Important Updates


  • OrthoNaturals® CBD – visit our website for product details and pricing

  • OrthoNourish – Care for the Immediate Injury, Recovery and Long-Term Performance.

  • Doral Hours – M-F 8:00 am to 8:00 pm | Sat 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

  • ON Rehab Hours– Mondays to Fridays: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

  • TeleRehab Fee – $50 for physical therapy by telemedicine

  • OrthoNowLive Fee – We have extended our discounted price from $79 to $25 for a HIPAA-Compliant Televisit until further notice. – Pay in the App! No copay required for most insurance carriers.



Also important to read:


Surgery Center at Doral News



Exciting News - Breakthrough:


We would like to congratulate the hard work and efforts of the Doral Clinical and Business Office Teams under the leadership of Vanessa Carrillo and Roxana Aleman, as we successfully completed our first Total Hip and Total Knee procedures the same day!


Thank you Dr. Corces for the opportunity to set up biweekly meetings with your office and surgical scheduler as they have truly been the driving force in identifying clinically appropriate cases for our Surgery Center. And another special thanks to Sunji Salazar for Championing these efforts!


We are extremely proud of their accomplishments as this was a true TEAM approach and collaboration, so please join me in congratulating these Super Stars on a job well done!


Daniel Navarro, MHSA, MPH, PMP | The Surgery Center at Doral Chief Executive Officer





I want to take a moment to recognize Jorge Garrote, chief of PT division of OrthoNOW as he is shown getting the patient mobilized, immediately post-op, which is a key component of the process. We are honored to participate and help Dr. Corces and the SCD team in this truly monumental occasion. Bravo !!


Dr. Alejandro Badia



New Physicians:

  • Dr. Alberto Dominguez Bali- GYN

  • Dr. Daniel Marin- Pain

  • Dr. Jacqueline Brill- Podiatry (Barry Group)


Current specialties at the Surgery Center at Doral:

  • Anesthesiology

  • Cardiovascular

  • Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery

  • General Surgery

  • Hand and Upper Limb

  • Hand Surgery

  • Oncology

  • Orthopedic Surgery

  • Pain Management

  • Podiatry

  • Spine Surgery

  • Sports Medicine

  • Vascular Surgery


Business Office Promotions and New Teammates:

  • Please join us in congratulating Roxy Aleman in her promotion to Business Office Manager! She has shown tremendous growth in the last quarter and is fully committed in optimizing workflows and developing the Business Office.

  • Marcy Anchia (who you’re most familiar from the front) has been promoted to Purchasing Coordinator.

  • Jackie Diaz joining the team in January as our Surgical Coordinator

  • Anaya Peralta joining the team in January as our Insurance Verification Specialist.


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