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Telemedicine E-Visits Services for Our Domestic and International Patients

Dear Friends & Family,


Telemedicine visit available at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center!


In order to provide continued care to our community, we are now extending Telehealth visit to patients, allowing you to get the care for your orthopedic need from the safety and convenience of your own home.


See Me, Heal Me.

Patient from Barbados

Dr. Alejandro Badia, Renowned Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon Brings Care to Patients World Wide with Introduction of Telemedicine Services. Watch video


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Dr. Alejandro Badia


For more information and to schedule an appointment please call our office at 305-227-4263 or visit our website www.drbadia.com


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FAQ's related to COVID19 for Ortopedic Patients.


Ouch, I just got hurt! How do I safely get treated amidst the COVID-19 outbreak?

Getting hurt is never fun, but now with fears about the COVID-19 pandemic (read “Visitor Advisory“), many patients are left wondering how to safely seek treatment for their orthopedic injury or condition,. [...]

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Is my orthopedic condition urgent?

Many orthopedic conditions, although painful, are not urgent. Common conditions that we treat at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center that are not considered urgent include, but are not limited to [...]

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What if I need a procedure or surgery?

Badia Hand to Shoulder Center agrees with, and is following the recommendations of, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At this time, due to COVID-19 policies (read Important COVID-19 update[...]

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Providing Telemedicine Visits to all our Patients, their family and friends


Patient from Barbados

Telemedicine for International Patients allows us to evaluate a patient when they live at a great distance. Telemedicine e-visits also allow our international patients to share screens with Dr. Alejandro Badia over the Internet, ask questions and get the right answers, and have an initial consultation or second opinion at their leisure from the comfort of their home/offices.... Watch video




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