Watch Dr. Alejandro Badia "in action" in a thumb procedure, as well as patient testimonials and news on latest technologies.


Degradation of thumb function can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life, impacting daily routine and work activities. Learn how we to treat the arthritic thumb at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center. Dr. Badia uses cutting edge therapeutic technologies for the thumb’s basal joint. For Spanish-language information, please visit If you have an orthopedic issue and live outside of the Miami area, you can contact Dr. Badia to schedule a telemedicine consultation.



Patient from Barbados

As the population ages and continues to be increasingly active, more effective approaches will be necessary to treat this debilitating osteoarthritic condition, says Dr. Badia, who specializes in disorders and injuries of the hand, wrist and upper limbs. Learn more


A Patient Starts Using His Hand After Thumb Arthroplasty

Hand Movement Six Days after Thumb Arthroplasty.
Watch this patient testimonial after a Thumb Arthroplasty with Dr. Alejandro Badia. #storiesofsuccess. Mild pain. Fast recovery. [...]

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Is Osteoarthritis Affecting Your Hand?

Thumb arthritis is the most common form of osteoarthritis affecting the hand

Also called basal joint arthritis, thumb arthritis occurs when the cushioning cartilage wears away from the adjoining ends of the bones that form your thumb joint (carpometacarpal joint).  
Learn more


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Treating Patients With Thumb Arthritis

Patient from Barbados

Dr. Badia explains the options for treating thumb and hand conditions, including basal joint arthritis. Watch video


Thumb Basal Joint Replacement With Implant by Dr. Alejandro Badia

Live Surgery Tuesdays at The Surgery Center at Doral.
Watch this #livesurgerytuesdays video showing a Thumb Basal Joint Replacement procedure being performed by Dr. Alejandro Badia. Mild pain. Fast recovery.  [...]

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Sports Medicine in Medical Tourism

In October 2012, Medical Tourism Magazine published an article by Dr. Alejandro Badia named "Sports Medicine in Medical Tourism, " which we are republishing here for your information, as this continues to be a very relevant topic in sports medicine today.  [...]

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Many times local orthopedists in Ecuador, Peru and other Latin American and Caribbean countries refer their patients to me because we do hand, wrist and thumb repairs using minimally invasive procedures. Dr Badia



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In general, the main advantage of joint replacement surgery is no bridges have been burned, there is a much faster recovery, minimal pain and good maintenance of the anatomy,” Dr. Badia concludes. “If a patient’s basal joint symptoms persist, the implant can be easily removed, and a more standard surgical procedure performed.





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