Un paciente encuentra la solución a un fuerte dolor en el pulgar tras años de tratamiento conservador fallido

Ever wondered if it’s possible to bid farewell to persistent thumb pain? Here’s an answer that might captivate your curiosity: not just one, but two patients embarked on a shared surgical journey on the same day, both grappling with substantial thumb discomfort. 

Both individuals presented with considerable thumb dimensions and exhibited pronounced preoperative pain, alongside an absence of successful outcomes from conservative interventions, including injections. It is noteworthy that both patients experienced an almost complete absence of postoperative pain merely 48 hours following their respective procedures. 

Thumb joint replacement stands as the pinnacle of relief for those enduring the challenges of basal joint arthritis. With its proven track record in restoring mobility and alleviating pain, this innovative solution offers renewed hope and improved quality of life for those seeking effective, long-lasting results.

Biopro implant in the operating room