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Embárquese en un viaje esclarecedor a través de las narrativas de resiliencia y triunfo resumidas en nuestros testimonios ortopédicos. Estos sinceros relatos pintan imágenes vívidas de perseverancia y describen a personas que han superado sus desafíos ortopédicos con una determinación inquebrantable. Dentro de estos testimonios de pacientes se encuentran historias de transformación, donde las personas trascendieron las limitaciones impuestas por las condiciones musculoesqueléticas para recuperar sus vidas. Descubra experiencias de primera mano que resuenan con esperanza y que muestran el papel fundamental de las intervenciones ortopédicas para restaurar la movilidad, aliviar el dolor y fomentar una sensación renovada de vitalidad.

Estos testimonios de pacientes ofrecen más que anécdotas: sirven como faros guía para quienes siguen caminos similares, ofreciendo tranquilidad y motivación en tiempos difíciles. Sea testigo del impacto tangible de la atención ortopédica a través de narrativas que hacen eco del triunfo del espíritu humano. Ya sea que estén contemplando un procedimiento, explorando opciones de tratamiento o buscando consuelo en experiencias compartidas, estos testimonios de pacientes brindan conocimientos invaluables, infunden confianza y disipan incertidumbres.

Cada testimonio es un testimonio de la experiencia y la dedicación de los profesionales ortopédicos, destacando los efectos transformadores de la atención personalizada. Sumérgete en estas narrativas y encuentra inspiración y solidaridad en las historias de resiliencia y recuperación. Deje que estos testimonios de pacientes sirvan como fuente de empoderamiento y lo guíen hacia decisiones informadas y un sentido renovado de optimismo en su viaje ortopédico.

Descubra la inspiración y la esperanza resumidas en nuestros testimonios de pacientes ortopédicos. Haga clic a continuación para profundizar en historias de resiliencia, triunfo y vitalidad renovada. Estas narrativas encarnan el poder transformador de la atención ortopédica y ofrecen orientación y tranquilidad a quienes buscan respuestas. Sea testigo de experiencias de primera mano que reflejan el viaje hacia la movilidad, el alivio del dolor y una calidad de vida restaurada. Haga clic ahora para encontrar información, empoderamiento y conocimientos valiosos en estos sinceros testimonios de pacientes.

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Jose Castillo
Mucho profesionalismo en el servicio y atención muy amable de todo el equipo. Contentos por haber llegado con el Dr. Badia.
Mari G.
I visited Dct. Badia for a worker's comp follow up. The office was amazingly clean. The staff were all professional and friendly. I was even asked if I wanted "water or coffee"....great touch I must say. Highly recommend them!
My husband and I contacted Dr Badia for my hand issues. I had researched approximately five hand specialists in Florida and one in New York city before I found Dr Badia about an hour away from us. My husband and I went to Doral, Florida and the minute I met Dr Badia I knew he was going to do my surgery. He has personality plus !!! and loves what he does. He is kind, patient and listens to his patients. He respects your hands ! Dr Badia was highly recommended and I am so glad that we found him. He did the surgery on my hand and with a bit of rehab it healed better than I expected and my pain was gone ! Dr Badias office personnel are wonderful ! It is quite obvious that they love working there with him and that they love their jobs. My husband and I have never experienced an office with so many helpful and caring people. We both recommend Dr Badia. We still drive to his office for anything to do with hand issues and he takes care of whatever it is. We both trust our hands ONLY to him ! He is a gem.
Federico Urbina
Súper buen servicio
Geoff Hicks
After being advised by some top local surgeons that an LRTI was the "way to go" once more conservative approaches began to fail (i.e. NSAIDS, therapy, Injections, etc), I wanted to learn even more about options that would address my specific need (painful thumb joint). After speaking with several sources (including the BioPro people), and meeting with Dr. Badia (virtual), my wife and I opted to fly from Virginia to Miami to execute on the plan... arrive Sunday, meet Dr. Badia and staff on Monday, have the surgery performed on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, and meet with the doctor on Thursday for a recheck. Everything went according to plan... and we flew back to Virginia on Friday! The thumb has been recovering VERY quickly, and I'll be commencing hand therapy to improve the recovery time. Dr. Badia and his professional staff made this happen as planned, and I am on my way to pain-free recovery!
Christian Derisca
Definitely recommend again. Ask questions. Very knowledgeable. Has graphics for you to be able to understand your injury and send you additional information.
Archie Miller
First I have to say that Dr. Badia is outstanding and I have great confidence in his skills and expertise. My right thumb after 8 weeks is progressing nicely. I have good grip and motion and the pinch strength is getting stronger each week. I still have a couple of OT appointments for my thumb but am happy with the progress. I do not hesitate to say that I made the right decision to have this thumb orthotic put in and am so happy with the results. The key to any successful surgery is the quality of the doctor performing it. Dr. Badia is the best.
Giovanni Rota
My wife had had two broken tendons of her left shoulder for more than two years and was seen by a local well known traumatologist. She could have been operated here in Ecuador, but since we had had an extremely good experience with Dr. Alejandro Badia, who 8 years ago saved the left wrist after a horrible motorcycle accident of one of our son's, we didn't have any doubts of where she was going to have her surgery, which was done right at the beginning of 2023. Everything went very well, and two weeks ago she was checked by him, who found that her left arm actually has more mobility than the right one. When we know of somebody having trouble with the arm or hand, we recommend Dr. Badia with our eyes closed. Our son's operation was very very complex, and being a commercial airplane pilot, after a few months of rehab, he regained full movement of his wrist and returned to flying.
Myles O
I had a tele-meeting via Zoom with Dr. Badia to review my MRI then travelled from Colorado to meet with Dr. Badia in person and ultimately have surgery on my elbow to repair a previous surgery on my ulnar nerve from another doctor that did not heal properly causing pain after one year. Dr. Badia was very informative and accommodating due to our travels. Office appointment on Monday to discuss solution; surgery on Tuesday and follow up on Thursday before returning home. After 3 weeks I can life my kayak over my head without pain!. AMEN! Thank you Dr. Badia and all your staff that treated us like royalty.
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