​​Megan's Testimonial: Kienbocks Disease

What is Kienbocks Disease ?

Kienbocks disease best wrist surgeon

Kienbock’s disease is a condition that affects one of the small bones in your wrist, called the lunate bone. To understand it better, let’s break it down:

  • La muñeca: Your wrist is made up of several small bones that work together to allow your hand to move and bend.

  • Lunate Bone: The lunate bone is one of these small wrist bones, and it’s located near the center of your wrist.

Now, let’s talk about what happens in Kienböck’s disease:

In this condition, the lunate bone doesn’t get enough blood supply, which is crucial for keeping it healthy. When a bone doesn’t get enough blood, it can start to weaken and eventually break down. This process can be painful and cause problems with your wrist movement.

People with Kienböck’s disease may experience pain, stiffness, and difficulty moving their wrist. It can affect their ability to do everyday activities and even impact their grip strength.

Treatment for Kienböck’s disease depends on how severe it is. It might involve rest, physical therapy, or, in more severe cases, surgery to try and restore blood flow to the lunate bone or to stabilize the wrist.