Top American Hand Surgeon to speak at medical meeting free and great for locals

The Nassau Guardian staff
January 20th, 2015

Dr. Alejandro Badia, hand and upper limb surgeon,
who was recently proclaimed as one of the top hand
surgeons in the United States, founder and medical
director of Badia Hand to Shoulder Center,
spokesperson and advocate on the latest in
orthopedic technology: “ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy”,
CEO of the OrthoNOW Orthopedic Urgent Care
network, and past president of the
ISSPORTH (International Society for Sport Traumatology of the Hand) will serve as one of the opening speakers at the American Association for Hand Surgery 2015 Annual Meeting, January 21-24 on New Providence.

The meeting will begin with a presentation by Dr. Badia, on the latest in “Maximizing Economics in a Changing Health Care Environment at Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island on January 21 at 7 am.

In today’s constantly changing health care environment, understanding and maximizing economics while enhancing patient hand and wrist care can be challenging. During the meeting, Dr. Badia will identify the barriers to navigating through the ever-changing health care environment by presenting a solution of coordinated, convenient, responsive, affordable and expert orthopedic urgent care, and speak on common athletic injuries of the hand and wrist.

Dr. Badia who specializes in lesiones deportivas of the hand and wrist will also set aside time for a free meet and greet with locals to answer questions they may have about their hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder problems. The meet and greet will take place on Wednesday, January 21 at 11 a.m. in Royal Tower lobby of the Atlantis.

The doctor encourages people that want to meet him to write to him with their questions on his website at originaldrbad.wpengine.com, so that they can produce their informal list for the meeting. People are encouraged to attend the meeting with their x-ray or MRI, which the doctor said he can “glance at” during their conversation and talk to them about their options as a community service.

“My mission has been and always is to create educational synergy and to expose great technology that allows minimally invasive procedures, accelerates recovery, prevents some surgical procedures, and shortens post-surgical rehabilitation. This system provides our patients, mostly athletes who depend so much on their physical excellence, with better healthcare and better recovery methods and options,” said the doctor.

Dr. Badia has a long history of treating high-level tennis, polo and golf competitors, NFL and NBA athletes. He was nominated in 2012 as one of the top 45 great hand and upper extremity surgeons by “Becker’s Orthopedic & Spine Review;” and is in conversations with leading Brazilian medical authorities to organize a sports medicine conference prior to the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

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