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With a strong commitment to patient-centered care, Dr. Badia and his highly skilled, multilingual team prioritize your unique needs. Experience the convenience of cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities, an outpatient surgery center, a dedicated rehabilitation center, and OrthoNOW® , a walk-in immediate care center… All under ONE roof.

We also cater to international patients via Telemedicine. Long before the pandemic our team has been communicating with new and follow up patients through HIPAA compliant portals. We collaborate with a network of colleagues and therapists worldwide to provide you with comprehensive care.

Dr. Badia exclusively operates at our state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center, ensuring a safe, efficient, and cost-effective experience while minimizing infection risks. You will have a much more pleasant experience coupled with greater specialty specific expertise including anesthesia, nursing and clinical team.

Our center is conveniently located next to Miami International Airport and offers easy access and ample parking.

Alejandro Badia, MD

Upper Extremity Specialist 

Badia Hand to Shoulder Center:
Complete Care of Hand, Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder

Alejandro Badia, M.D, F.A.C.S., hand and upper limb orthopedic surgeon (Hand, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder), is the creator and founder of Badia Hand to Shoulder Center in the heart of Miami (Doral), Florida. This state of the art facility is housed on the ground floor of the Doral Pavilion Center near 3 major highways.

Where does it hurt?

Badia Hand to Shoulder Center treats the following areas: Select Below


There are several common orthopedic conditions that can cause finger pain and discomfort. One prevalent condition is trigger finger, characterized by the inflammation of the tendons in the fingers, causing finger stiffness, clicking or locking sensations, and pain during movement. Another common condition is osteoarthritis of the finger joints, which leads to joint pain, swelling, and limited finger mobility. Additionally, conditions like tendonitis, fractures, and ligament injuries can contribute to finger pain.

Finger pain


There are several orthopedic conditions that can cause thumb pain and discomfort. One common condition is basal joint arthritis, which affects the joint at the base of the thumb and can lead to pain, stiffness, and difficulty gripping objects. Another condition is De Quervain's tenosynovitis, where the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist become inflamed, causing pain and swelling in the thumb and wrist during activities that involve gripping or twisting motions. Thumb sprains, fractures, and ligament injuries can also occur due to trauma or overuse, resulting in localized pain and instability. Our expert diagnosis and personalized treatments are aimed at relieving thumb pain, restoring function, and enhancing your quality of life.

alt text = "Image of Thumb pain"


Hand osteoarthritis, which causes joint pain, stiffness, and swelling, particularly in the fingers and thumb. Additionally, fractures, tendon injuries, and ligament sprains can cause acute hand pain and limit hand function. With our specialized knowledge and advanced treatments, we strive to diagnose and effectively treat these orthopedic conditions, helping patients regain hand functionality and alleviate pain for an improved quality of life.

hand pain suffering from a Carpal tunnel syndrome


There are various orthopedic conditions that can contribute to wrist pain and discomfort. One common condition is carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist, leading to pain, numbness, and tingling in the hand and fingers. Another condition is wrist arthritis, which causes joint pain, stiffness, and swelling, affecting the range of motion. Wrist sprains and fractures are also prevalent, resulting from trauma or falls, causing pain, swelling, and instability. Additionally, tendonitis and ganglion cysts can contribute to wrist pain. With our expertise in orthopedic care, we strive to diagnose and treat these wrist conditions effectively, providing personalized treatment plans to alleviate pain, restore function, and improve your quality of life.

alt text = "Image of wrist pain"


There are several common orthopedic conditions that can cause elbow pain and discomfort. One prevalent condition is tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, which occurs due to overuse and repetitive motion, leading to pain on the outside of the elbow. Another common condition is golfer's elbow, or medial epicondylitis, which causes pain on the inside of the elbow and is also related to repetitive arm motions.

alt text = "Image of elbow pain"


Shoulder pain can significantly impact daily activities and limit the range of motion in the upper body. There are several common orthopedic conditions that can cause shoulder pain and discomfort. One prevalent condition is rotator cuff tendinitis, characterized by inflammation of the tendons that surround the shoulder joint. This can lead to pain, weakness, and limited shoulder mobility.

Shoulder in pain

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Denis Agleev
Dr. Badia is a wonderful surgeon. Very knowledgeable and great with his patients. His office, especially Rafael at the reception, also goes above and beyond in treating his clientele.
I had elbow surgery on 03/14:2024, Dr Badia informed me of the procedure and gave me confidence. After 2 months, I have regain motion. I will fully recommend Dr. Badia.
Daniel Mungra
Going to see Dr. Badia turned out to be a life-changing decision. For months, I struggled with relentless shoulder pain that robbed me of sleep and joy in my daily activities. The entire team at the center greeted me with warmth and empathy from the moment I arrived, making me feel at ease. Dr. Badia took the time to really listen and understand my issues before treating me with a corticosteroid injection. I was astounded to wake up the next morning feeling a significant relief in pain, and that night, I had the best sleep I can remember in a very long time. I’m deeply grateful to Dr. Badia and his wonderful team for not just treating my shoulder, but for giving me back my quality of life. Thank you for the miracle of comfort and care!
Sharon Philip
I am a medical graduate from India. During my rotation, I had the privilege to work with one of the best upper extremity specialists in the field, Dr. Alejandro Badia. Witnessing the efficiency and time-saving approach of having all patient care facilities under one roof was truly remarkable. Dr. Badia's clinic, surgery center, physical therapy center, and walk-in urgent care, "orthoNOW," make it easy and convenient for patients to receive the care they need. Dr. Badia's book on the US healthcare system, written during the pandemic, provides invaluable insights into the challenges patients face when accessing care. His unique perspective as an orthopedic specialist sheds light on the larger issues in the healthcare system and the need for change. As someone who is foreign to this system, I found his book to be an eye-opening experience. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Badia and his incredible staff for making my rotation an unforgettable experience. It is clear that they are passionate about their work and committed to providing the best care possible.
Felix I Rodriguez (Félix I)
I have been a long time a patient of Dr. Alejandro Badia. I consider him the best in the world if you have any problem with your hands or shoulders. He has treated my daughter, my wife and myself with different illnesses related to those extremities. We could not have been in better hands. He has always been available to us no matter the circumstances, day or night. I consider him to have the most qualified, courteous and most professional staff working for him. I wish this Government would take in consideration the suggestions offered by Dr. Badia in his book to solve the present healthcare crisis that we are confronting in our nation today. —————————————————————————- On Wednesday April 24, 2024 I was admitted to the hospital emergency room with tremendous shoulder pain. They took an X-ray and gave me two injections for the pain that worked minimally. I went home and called Dr. Badia for an appointment. In record time the next day, on Thursday April 25th at 3:00 PM I was at Dr. Badia’s office - I was treated promptly, courteously and as always, extremely professionally. After examining me and taking X-rays, he performed a magnificent block of my left shoulder. Next morning I had no pain and I could move my shoulder. Normally it takes two days for this type of result. I have no doubt that Dr. Badia is the best hand and shoulder surgeon in the world. Thank you again Dr. Badia. If you ever have a hand or shoulder problem, please do not hesitate, go to Dr. Badia, he is able to do what no other surgeon can do. Dr. Badia is the best in the world!
Felipe Osterling
Magnífica experiencia. El Dr Badia un médico de primer nivel, llegue con la muñeca destrozada y luego de 3 meses me encuentro nuevamente por ingresar al agua a surfear. El staff del Dr Badia muy amable, Susan es la persona que hace que las cosas sucedan.
Edith Perez
My husband had a distal radius fracture. He went to Dr. Badia and is so grateful that he did. He had surgery the next day after his visit. Within 3 weeks was able to remove the cast. And he had 3 more weeks of occupational therapy, now he nearly has all motion back. The process was a lot faster thanks to Badia. My husband also had tattoos on his wrists which he attached back together perfectly and you can barely see the scar. We 100% recommend seeing Badia, he is very professional, his staff is great, and he is very talented.
Julio Arencibia
Excelente centro, me hice una operación en el hombro (Labrum), la recuperación ha sido claramente exitosa, casi no me ha dolido en el proceso gracias al método que utilizan. Totalmente recomendado.
Billie Gimenez
I was seen almost immediately. Doctor and staff friendly efficient, and effective. Diagnosis made and communicated clearly along with treatment plan.

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