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  • Shoulder 360 Miami Course

    May 2nd- May 4th 2024 Dr. Badia is scheduled to give a talk on May 3 Title: My tricks for Complex Rotator Cuff Tears & Panelist on session on Biologic Augmentation. Dr. Badia faculty member

  • IBRA Miami

    May 10th - May 11th 2024 Realistic Treatment of Hand, Wrist and Elbow Fractures. Dr Badia Chairperson & Faculty

  • Latam IBRA Course at the MARC

    May 19th - May 20th 2024

  • Upper limb injuries in athletes

    Paris May Symposium (sports wrist Meeting) May 24th-25 Dr. Badia will lecture on tennis injuries of the wrist, "What is the jammed finger" & Ultrasonic ablation for epicondylitis

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