These are the orthopedic and other related services offered by the Badia Hand to Shoulder Center.

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Live fluoroscopy allows continuous, real-time imaging of internal structures.

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MRI Imaging

Discover the convenience and comfort of our open MRI machine.

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Digital X-Rays

Our advanced digital X-ray technology enables us to deliver imaging at our center.

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Access expert medical care from the comfort of your own home with our convenient telemedicine services.

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International Patient Liaison

Personalized support and guidance to international patients throughout their healthcare journey.

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Ultrasound with Augmented Reality

Experience the power of ultrasound enhanced with augmented reality for precise and advanced imaging during diagnostic procedures.

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Wide Awake Virtual Sedation

Safe & effective anesthesia alternative for minor procedures, ensuring your comfort and minimizing risks and recovery time.

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Nerve Conduction Studies

Provide comprehensive evaluations of nerve function, aiding in the diagnosis and management of your condition.

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Regenerative medicine that harness the body’s natural healing mechanisms to promote tissue repair and regeneration.

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Medication Dispensing

Medications directly at our facility, eliminating the need for external pharmacies.


All our orthopedic and related services under one roof