Digital X-Rays

Advanced radiology: Explore the power of digital x-ray technology.

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 At Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, we prioritize your time and convenience.

That’s why we offer first-time consultations that include X-rays, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your condition during your initial visit. This integrated approach allows us to conduct a thorough assessment and create a personalized treatment plan from the very beginning, ensuring the utmost effectiveness of your care. Our advanced digital X-ray technology enables us to deliver efficient and precise imaging right here at our center, eliminating the need for you to visit multiple facilities. Unlike traditional film X-rays, our digital system provides instantaneous results, greatly reducing waiting times. This allows our esteemed healthcare professionals to promptly assess and address your orthopedic concerns with unparalleled precision and care. Embark on a transformative journey of exceptional orthopedic care with the convenience of our onsite digital X-ray services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the comprehensive range of services available under one roof at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center.