I’m excited to announce that our healthcare podcast is gearing up for a new episode and we’re looking for a guest to join us in discussing the challenges of healthcare delivery. We’re seeking someone who is in the trenches with patients and actively disrupting the system. If you or someone you know meets these qualifications please reach out to us with contact information. Fixing Healthcare…From The Trenches is a live 15 minute discussion that will stream on Youtube, LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter every other Thursday. Looking forward to fixing healthcare together!

-Dr.Alejandro Badia Orthopedic hand surgeon,

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America’s healthcare system is broken. While we have some of the most advanced technologies in the world, with renowned clinicians to deliver care, access to all of this remains challenging and the increasing costs are unsustainable. Healthcare in America has devolved into a bureaucratic nightmare where the words “authorization” and “third-party” seem to take precedence, and the REAL reasons for high costs have little to do with the actual delivery of care.

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