Patient Journey : Telemedicine

This infographic shows you the steps for a Telemedicine e-visit, from the moment the patient requests a Telemedicine e-visit to the moment Dr. Badia meets with the patient via Zoom Health to determine next steps on the patient journey.

Patient journey step 1
Patient Requests Telemedicine E-Visit
Fill out the virtual consultation form by clicking below.
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Patient Journey step 2
International Coordinator contacts patient
Susan Iglesias will reach out to you and advise on the next steps.
My medical records
Patient Sends Medical Records
Medical records such as : X-Rays, MRI's , etc.
payment being processed online.
Payment processed & E-visit is confirmed
Patient will receive email confirmation of e-visit.
Dr. badia on a zoom call.
Dr.Badia meets with patient via Zoom Health
Dr.Badia will determine what the next steps in treatment are.

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