On Site Open MRI

As a “one-stop-shop”, Badia Hand to Shoulder Center has an on-site Open MRI available for our patients’ convenience.

This allows us to perform your MRI, and in many cases review the images and set a definitive treatment plan, all in one visit, saving you time and money! Having this machine on-site allows your healthcare provider to discuss your case directly with the MRI technician, ensuring the exact images the provider wants are performed to make the most accurate diagnosis. We are proud to announce that we recently upgraded our diagnostic equipment to the Esaote technology.

Esaote has integrated years of experience in developing and producing MRI systems into the a complete and efficient solution to musculoskeletal MRI needs.

Our MRI covers all applications: hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, foot and ankle, knee, hip, lumbar and cervical spine. The unique design and wide rotating patient table guarantees easy patient positioning, patient comfort, maximum stability and easy examination management. System features:

  • The design of our MRI is open and airy, with easy patient access, so it diminishes claustrophobia
  • Our MRI is quiet, with no loud banging sounds typical of most MRI machines
  • Our MRI table swivels for easier patient positioning, and is equipped with new technology allowing for reduced exam time
  • Our MRI is specifically designed for comfortable orthopedic exams
  • Our MRI delivers excellent image quality with advanced diagnostic sequences, to give doctors the information they need to aid diagnosis