After Osteoporosis Surgery and Treatment - Mr. Longoria Now Exercises Muscle & Bones

Osteoporosis treatment and surgery: Mr. Longoria is a gifted toymaker by profession, nearly ending his career after a fall from a ladder shattered both wrists. Simultaneous volar plate fixation via open surgery to wrists was performed allowing him to go back to his trade. One was so complex that a revision surgery was needed some weeks later. However, JL went on to not only regain full use of his hands, as seen here, but he embarked on a fitness program and got in much better shape than he was in before. Despite titanium plates in both wrists, he can now do more pushups and bench press much more weight than before the surgery. This indicates that even with a complex injury, a motivated patient can get back to normal if the initial surgery is correctly done. The importance of a specialist cannot be underestimated.