Author: Maggy Tinsel

Author: Maggy Tinsel

Hand Surgical Videos

What is Surgiwrap? Dr. Badia Explains

What is Surgiwrap? Adhesion barrier film Warning: Viewer discretion is advised, content is intended for medical education. Adhesions that form following orthopedic procedures can be

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Shoulder Surgical Videos

Arthroscopic SLAP (Labrum) Repair

Arthroscopic SLAP (Labrum) Repair Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior (SLAP) injuries involve damage to the upper (superior) portion of the labrum. In such cases, the

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elbow reconstruction
Elbow Testimonials

Elbow Reconstruction Patient Grand Cayman

Elbow Reconstruction Patient Testimonial Grand Cayman Orthopedic Elbow Surgeon Dr. Badia Elbow Reconstruction Patient Testimonial from Grand Cayman Orthopedic Elbow and Hand Surgeon Dr. Alejandro

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