Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In A Pioneer Heart Surgeon

Dr. HT is a respected heart surgeon known as a pioneer in robotic assisted cardiac surgery. It is no wonder that he spent months agonizing over whether he should undergo surgery himself for his own painful hands that suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. He sought out a surgeon who performed the endoscopic procedure as he wanted to minimize the recovery time which would so impact his practice. He finally went to see Dr. Badia after reading articles about his approach to this common condition as well as viewing his surgical demonstration at He had both hands operated on simultaneously, and was able to perform a valve replacement surgery only 8 days after he had his own surgery.

This is not only a tribute to a motivated patient and colleague, but a testament about the effectiveness and rapid recovery seen in the endoscopic approach. Dr. HT’s hands no longer go numb on him, and he can complete any of his complex cardiac procedures without pain.

Incidentally, his son went on to later have a major wrist procedure by Dr. Badia to correct a painful deformity after having sustained a wrist fracture many years ago. This demonstrates the truest sense of trust and confidence.

carpal tunnel syndrome procedure
Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

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