Canadian Patient Finds Pain Relief for elbow pain with Tenex Procedure

Our patient suffered years with elbow pain and was placed on a waiting list to be treated in canada. He decided to travel to miami, FL for the minimally invasive tenex procedure that would cure his elbow pain. The trend of Canadian patients seeking orthopedic procedures in Miami, Florida, highlights the appeal of Miami’s healthcare system and the evolving landscape of global healthcare choices. Patients start with telemedicine, connecting virtually with orthopedic specialists in Miami, saving time and resources. The subsequent in-person consultation and procedure phase ensures personalized care after the initial virtual assessment.

Miami’s private healthcare system offers patients the freedom to schedule surgeries conveniently, bypassing the waitlists typical of publicly funded systems in Canada. This flexibility empowers patients and accelerates their healing process. In contrast, Canada’s system sometimes entails prolonged wait times for elective surgeries, further enhancing Miami’s appeal.

doctor badia tenex

How does Tenex work?

This safe and effective alternative to open surgery uses advanced ultrasonic technology and image guidance to enable precise cutting and removal of symptomatic soft and hard tissue, all performed percutaneously through a 3-5mm mini-incision. Tenex spares healthy soft tendon while cutting and removing necrotic tissue.

Is this an outpatient procedure using local anesthesia?

It is an outpatient procedures that takes minutes to perform, typically with local anesthesia and without stitches or additional treatments.

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