Barbara Currie's Inspiring Testimonial: Overcoming Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Dr. Badia at the Miami Hand Center (2007)

Cayman Net News starts a ten part series on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome written by Barbara Currie Dailey. This series helps to dispel some of the myths related to this condition.

"Nothing worries an aging self-employed scribe more than being sidelined or worse, disabled, by a nagging medical problem time or an Advil can’t fix. Pain we can’t explain frightens us, especially when we’re past 55.  Time is slipping away too fast with so much left to do—we tend to deny symptoms and hope they go away. That’s what I did when I began to lose the use of my right hand early this year. Ignorance, in more ways than one, is why carpal tunnel syndrome crept up on me.  Like many people today, I had the wrong idea of what causes this condition and who its victims were. If the myth that it’s caused by typing and other repetitive activities were true, swiping credit cards would have disabled Cayman’s population years ago." 
Barbara Currie Dailey cayman islands
Barbara Currie Dailey.