Joint Replacement for Osteoarthritis (OA) of the Thumb

Dr. Alejandro Badia Orthopedic Hand, Wrist, Shoulder and Elbow – Badia Hand to Shoulder Center Doral, Miami Florida

Osteoarthritis of the Basal Joint of the thumb is the most common location for arthritis in the hand.

Anti-inflammatories, splinting, or even corticosteroid injections simply give pain relief- they do not alter the often inevitable course of progressive pain, and even deformity.

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Thumb Procedure by Dr. Badia

Watch this short video testimonial from a patient who had a BioPro® Modular Thumb Implant on his left hand, two years after completing a similar procedure on his right hand.

Rather than standard one-piece CMC implant designs, the BioPro® Modular Thumb Implant offers a modular, two-piece design to better match patient’s anatomy.”

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