Traditional LRTI Procedure vs. Biopro® Modular Thumb

In Atlanta, doctors proposed an LRTI procedure as the recommended treatment for the patient's thumb arthritis. However, the patient was dissatisfied with this option, which involves the removal of the trapezium and the weaving of multiple tendons.

Upon conducting thorough research, he realized there were indeed other viable options available. Rather than proceeding with the LRTI procedure in Georgia, our patient chose to seek a solution for basal joint arthritis in Florida, under the expert care of Dr. Alejandro Badia.

Opting for the BioPro modular thumb implant, he embraced a treatment approach that aimed to replace the joint rather than remove it, offering both pain relief and a swifter recovery.

Comparing Treatments

Since there is no way to replace the cartilage, surgical treatments address the condition by removing the bone-on-bone contact. The most common surgical treatment and the treatment often presented to patients involves the complete removal of the trapezium bone at the base of the thumb. The BioPro Modular Thumb Implant instead replaces the joint with a two-piece implant, giving your surgeon 48 different implant combinations to choose from, helping ensure a personalized fit.

LRTI Procedure :

  • Removes the base (trapezium) and suspends the metacarpal with a tendon from the forearm
  • Shortens the thumb, changing the overall appearance of the hand
  • Initial decrease in pinch strength
  • Long recovery
  • If pain persists, revision surgery has been shown to lead to an even worse outcome

Biopro Thumb Joint Replacement :

  • Replaces joint, forming a new socket into the trapezium
  • Maintains thumb length and cosmetic appearance
  • Improves pinch and grip strength
  • Fast recovery
  • If pain persists, may be revised with a traditional surgery