Patient testimony after a major SLAP (Labrum) tear repair with 4 anchors

Our patient is a Cricket player from Barbados who visit us after dislocating his shoulder. Preoperative Diagnoses:

1.Right shoulder superior labrum tear 

2.Right latissimus dorsi muscle strain Postoperative


Type 2 SLAP lesion of right shoulder Moderate subacromial impingement with bursitis Right Latissimus dorsi muscle strain

Procedures performed :

1. right shoulder arthroscopic synovectomy and debridement

2. right shoulder arthroscopic repair of SLAP lesion (4 Anchors)

3. Limited arthroscopic acromioplasty with subacromial bursectomy

4.Arthroscopic thermal shrinkage capsulorrhaphy and labrum stabilization

5. Orthobiologic injection

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