What Procedure is needed for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ?

Cayman Net News starts a ten part series on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome written by Barbara Currie Dailey. This series helps to dispel some of the myths related to this condition.

“Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common but often misunderstood medical condition, even within the medical community itself. We understand what causes the symptoms, but researchers still don’t understand the pathology. That is, we don’t yet know what actually causes that thickening of the tenosynovium, or membrane surrounding the tendon, that creates pressure on the median nerve. That remains a medical mystery and medical researchers are working to discover the cause. “However, we do know it’s not caused by spending too much time on the computer or by so- called “repetitive stress injuries” which in fact, are usually a form of tendonitis.”
Black and white young Dr. Badia in scrubs
Dr. Alejandro Badia 
Carpal tunnel anatomy