Calling out the middle man

Dr. Badia continues to disrupt healthcare, this time on social media.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Badia has played a transformative role in reshaping the healthcare landscape. His private practice stands as a comprehensive orthopedic center, offering patients a convenient one-stop solution to their orthopedic needs, effectively sparing them the necessity of hospital visits and associated costs.

Dr. Badia’s brainchild, OrthoNOW®, represents a pioneering walk-in urgent care facility specializing in orthopedics, extending its services to patients of all age groups. This innovation allows patients to access specialized care directly, significantly economizing both time and financial resources.

Furthermore, Dr. Badia has significantly contributed to the discourse on healthcare reform. His book, “Healthcare from the Trenches,” co-authored with 26 distinguished contributors, offers invaluable insights and solutions for addressing the challenges within the U.S. healthcare system. Additionally, this year marked the launch of his podcast, “Fixing Healthcare…from the Trenches,” further cementing his commitment to catalyzing change within the healthcare sphere.

Despite his already significant contributions to the healthcare landscape, Dr. Badia recently embarked on a remarkable endeavor. He chose to illuminate the often-opaque processes his office contends with while seeking prior authorization for patients in dire need of emergency surgery. This poignant video resonated with a global audience, amassing 1.7 million views and eliciting over 5k comments from individuals showing solidarity and sharing their own harrowing encounters with insurance companies.

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