Arthroscopic trapeziometacarpal arthroplasty

Article · November 2009


Advanced basal joint arthritis that has failed conservative treatment has traditionally been treated with some type of procedure that encompasses complete trapezial excision. An arthroscopic technique entailing only minimal trapezial debridement coupled with insertion of a synthetic interposition material is described. This provides the implicit benefits of a minimally invasive procedure, with less pain and faster recovery, along with the great advantage of trapezium preservation. The surgical technique is described along with a preliminary clinical series support-ing its use.

Keywords: trapeziometacarpal, basal joint, thumb, osteoarthritis, arthroscopy, small-joint arthroscopy, inter-position arthroplasty, Artelon, first carpometacarpal

Thumb arthroscopy
Badia Hand to Shoulder Center

Cite this article: Lucchina, Stefano & Badia, Alejandro & Nistor, Alexandru & Fusetti, Cesare. (2011). Surgical Treatment Options for Unstable Mallet Fractures. Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 128. 599-600; author reply 600. 10.1097/PRS.0b013e31821ef004.