Total Joint Arthroplasty for the Arthritic Thumb Carpometacarpal Joint

Article in American journal of orthopedics (Belle Mead, N.J.) · August 2008


Thumb basal joint arthritis remains one of the most common and functionally limiting conditions that orthopedic and hand surgeons encounter in daily practice. Nevertheless, surgical treatment options have largely centered on ablative procedures in which the critical trapezial carpal bone is excised completely. Newer orthopedic techniques, such as arthroscopy and implant arthroplasty, have not gained widespread acceptance for this particular joint. Despite equivocal results for basal joint implant arthroplasty in early studies, improved implant design and refinement of surgical indications support adding this option to the surgeon’s treatment armamentarium.

patient demonstrates motion 3 weeks post op thumb replacement
Badia Hand to Shoulder Center

Cite this article: Badia, Alejandro. (2008). Total joint arthroplasty for the arthritic thumb carpometacarpal joint. American journal of orthopedics (Belle Mead, N.J.). 37. 4-7.