Scared of hand surgery? Patient with Dupuytren's traveled from the Cayman Islands to Miami, FL & shares her experience

Laura suffered with a condition called dupuytren’s contracture in which is a medical condition that affects the hand’s connective tissue, specifically the palmar fascia, which is the tissue located beneath the skin of the palm and fingers. This condition is characterized by the gradual thickening and tightening of this tissue, which can lead to the fingers being pulled inward and unable to fully extend. See images below for her before and after. The stitches are dissolvable and the skin will heal flat after the stitches fall off. Our brave patient asked to be awake and also requested to watch her own procedure as we streamed it live on instagram. Our patient traveled from the cayman islands to miami in search of a hand surgeon. 

Check out the videos below!

Pre-op photos of Dupuytren's contracture

Pre-op Video (A few minutes before the procedure)

Watch the entire live procedure here:

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