Hand Surgery Mission: Quito Ecuador

Lead by four surgeons: Dr. Badia, Dr. Lucchina, Dr. Cayon & Dr. Alegria

Dr. Alejandro Badia and child from Ecuador hand surgery mission trip QUITO
Dr. Badia and collegues hand surgery mission in Ecuador

Changing Lives

Dr. Alejandro Badia, Miami and NYC based orthopedic hand & upper limb surgeon, recently led the first hand surgery medical mission in Latin America with the Swiss based GICAM organization along with the collaboration of the Fundacion Metrofraternidad, a Quito, Ecuador based humanitarian foundation to help the underprivileged in their country. In a two day period, Dr. Badia and Dr. Stefano Lucchina, along with local surgeons from Ecumano, Dr. Fidel Cayon and Dr. Gabriel Alegria, performed more than 30 upper limb surgeries on children and adults in need. Follow up care will be provided by our Ecuadorian colleagues and we look forward to the next GICAM mission in a rural, underserved region within Ecuador or beyond.