Hand and Upper Extremity Injuries in the Weightlifter

  • Awareness

Another reason may simply be less awareness regarding some of the subtle pathology affecting the upper limb, particularly in hand and wrist. For example, the entire gamut of medical staff managing athletes likely has a thorough understanding of ACL injuries, whereas carpal instability of the wrist is largely unknown. This is where the physician and ancillary health specialist can improve their management of these challenging and often obscure injuries. In many instances, the hand surgeon should be involved at an early stage of treatment and to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Athletic injuries in the hand and
wrist are often misdiagnosed
and under treated for a variety
of reasons. 

Chronic and overuse
injuries often go untreated due
to the athlete’s reluctance to
seek medical attention. This is
because in many sports, the
athlete can compensate with
some of these injuries while this
may be more difficult in weight
bearing joints such as the knee
and ankle.

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