Arthroscopic SLAP (Labrum) Repair

Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior (SLAP) injuries involve damage to the upper (superior) portion of the labrum. In such cases, the labrum at the top of the shoulder is affected.

This video illustrates the arthroscopic repair of a labrum tear. By Dr. Alejandro Badia Orthopedic Surgeon Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, Miami, Fl.

What is the labrum?

Superior labrum tear

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The shoulder labrum is a vital structure within your shoulder joint, playing a crucial role in its stability and mobility. It takes the form of cartilage that creates a ring-shaped framework encircling the shallow socket of the shoulder joint, referred to as the glenoid. This cartilaginous ring serves to deepen the socket and provide added support for the ball of the upper arm bone, known as the humerus, which fits snugly within.

Visualize the shoulder labrum as a rim encircling the glenoid, much like the cuff along the edge of a sleeve. This anatomical arrangement greatly bolsters the shoulder joint’s stability, allowing for a diverse range of motions while ensuring a secure attachment of the humerus to the glenoid.

Due to its location and role, the shoulder labrum is susceptible to various forms of injury, including tears. These tears may result from traumatic incidents, such as falls or direct impacts to the shoulder. Additionally, repetitive actions that strain the joint over time, such as overhead movements like throwing or lifting, can also lead to these tears.