The Diagnosis: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cayman Net News starts a ten part series on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome written by Barbara Currie Dailey. This series helps to dispel some of the myths related to this condition.

"provide a detailed medical history, but contrary to what I expected, no MRI or CAT scan was required. Instead, I had X-rays of my right hand, followed by a nerve conduction study, during which electrodes attached to my fingers and wrist measured the nerve response in my hand. Once these were completed, Dr. Badia came in for the physical exam and consultation. His friendly, direct approach and optimistic attitude immediately put me at ease. He examined both hands and asked me to perform a several wrist maneuvers, including one called a Phalens test. In this, the patient holds the wrists fully flexed for a minute—that one made my right hand go numb and I had to shake it awake after."
Barbara Currie Dailey cayman islands
Barbara Currie Dailey. 
carpal tunnel diagnosis