A Week from today Dr. Badia will receive the Miguel Cervantes Award

SFLHCC's 19th annual Viva Miami Hispanic Heritage Month Inaugural Lunch at the Biltmore hotel

Miguel Cervantes award

Dr. Alejandro Badia, is a healthcare visionary and disruptor, now gaining recognition for his transformative contributions to healthcare delivery in the musculoskeletal realm. As a hand and upper extremity orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Badia’s impact is deeply felt in Miami, nationally, and even internationally. His best-selling book, ‘Healthcare from the Trenches,‘ is a no-holds-barred exposé of the major challenges within our costly and inefficient healthcare system. The biweekly podcast, ‘Fixing Healthcare… from the Trenches,’ is his humble attempt to bring thought leaders forward to discuss real solutions.

Through his one-stop shopping concept at  Badia Hand to Shoulder Center  in Doral, Florida, Dr. Badia brings life-changing solutions to orthopedic issues of the Hand & Wrist, Arm & Forearm, Elbow, and Shoulder, all under one roof. Dr. Badia has not set foot in a hospital in over a decade, demonstrating that all diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, and rehabilitative procedures can be done on a cost-effective ambulatory basis. He gives back to the community and the world by leading medical missions and sponsoring visiting orthopedic and hand surgery fellows who exchange ideas with him, often contributing to the scientific literature.


Dr. Badia’s influence extends beyond clinical practice. His brainchild, OrthoNOW®, serves as a beacon of accessible and effective orthopedic care in South Florida and beyond. By providing immediate care to patients with pain or injury, OrthoNOW® not only streamlines the patient journey but also saves families, employers, and society money by avoiding unnecessary hospital visits or wasteful visits to a general urgent care center or busy primary care physician. This revolutionary model underscores Dr. Badia’s dedication to enhancing patient care and empowering his local community. While currently a licensing model, Dr. Badia and his executive team seek the ideal strategic partner to further grow nationally and beyond.

Dr. Badia’s profound effect on patients and the Miami community exemplifies his commitment to making healthcare more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric. Today, he is humbled and grateful to be bestowed with this award, acknowledging his impact in the Hispanic community.