Orthopedic Surgeon Reinvents New Telehealth Platform to Help Injured Patients get On-Demand Help for Injuries

Digital Journal - Published October 18, 2023


South Florida orthopedist Alejandro Badia has released a new mobile app and telehealth platform that allows patients in pain, including injuries such as sprains, strains and fractures to see an orthopedic specialist instantly, regardless of their location.

Traditionally, people with these types of musculoskeletal issues are required to see a primary physician for a referral before they can see an orthopedic specialist even though acute injuries frequently require immediate assessment. 

The current process for treating these types of injuries is costly and frequently a waste of time since most primary physicians don’t have the equipment or specialty expertise to assess these types of injuries. 

“Imagine feeling the excruciating pain of a torn rotator cuff on the tennis court,” said Dr. Badia. “You don’t know how serious it is? Should you go to the Emergency Room, or schedule an appointment with your primary physician for next week? This is the instant value that OrthoNOW brings to injured patients. You can literally pick up your phone, go to our mobile app and see a specialist on-demand.”

As past president of the International Society for Sport Traumatology, Dr. Badia has a unique perspective on all sport-related injuries of the upper limb.  OrthoNOW walk-in centers focus not only on sports injuries, but work-related issues, aging problems and all types of aches and pains. 


You don’t know how serious it is? Should you go to the Emergency Room, or schedule an appointment with your primary physician for next week?

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How OrthoNOW Helps Patients in Pain Skip the ER Wait

The OrthoNOW network consists of experienced orthopedic clinicians who use the award-winning mobile app to connect with subspecialty orthopedic surgeons.

OrthoNOW clinicians and staff are available ON-Demand to handle any emergency, rehabilitative and preventive orthopedic needs. When patients choose not to visit a location due to distance or time demands, OrthoNOW brings orthopedic specialists to a HIPAA compliant video chat to diagnose the severity of any orthopedic issue from the visual platform. If surgery is needed, their orthopedic specialists can put the appropriate subspecialist surgeon into the discussion and treatment plan.

This new mobile approach to orthopedic care was reimagined by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alejandro Badia, who saw a broken orthopedic system that could better improve patient care by integrating technology.

Patients from many countries including Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Barbados and other US states have already used this new telemedicine approach for their initial, and follow-up assessments.

City of Miami Police Officer Christian Ramirez turned to OrthoNOW for help following his motorcycle crash.

“I spent a week in the hospital, and three weeks trying to get this hand pain diagnosed. I didn’t have any luck with the therapists because they didn’t have the right equipment,” said Ramirez. “After that frustration, I picked up my phone and used OrthoNOW. The help was instant and better qualified than anything I had experienced before.”

The State of Florida later recognized Officer Ramirez with their annual injured worker award. 

OrthoNOW is accepted by most insurance plans. You can click here to request an appointment now.


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